Three Great Reasons to Sell your Annuity Today

Three Great Reasons to Sell your Annuity TodayAnnuities are a decent low-risk investment that tends to reward one later in life as the payouts start to come in with a regular frequency. While this is great for those who have loads of cash now, it can be a bit of a pain for folks who have a greater need for additional cash now. In this article we’ll share three excellent reasons to sell your annuity – whether to help improve your debt load or to start making more money via investments. Read on!

Reason 1: Paying Off High Interest Debts

The primary reason that most individuals sell their annuity or structured settlement is to use the cash to pay off their debts. Having a significant amount of debt can hold a person or family back from investing, further credit and buying a car or house, so getting rid of this debt is a great use for the cash in an annuity. High interest debts like credit cards can also end up crippling one’s finances over the long term; these need to be paid off immediately to avoid interest piling up very quickly.

Reason 2: Funding an Education

Today’s job market isn’t looking all that hot and with analysts and the government arguing over how long it will take to recover there has been no better time to upgrade one’s learning and education. Selling an annuity to avoid having to take out tens of thousands of dollars in student loans is an excellent use of these funds and can prevent a somewhat horrific post-college debt load. Another helpful tip is to check with your college or university to look for other ways to decrease costs, such as Pell grants and other sources of money that won’t need to be paid back.

Reason 3: Investing for High Returns

Investing in something that can provide a higher return than the annuity is another great reason to sell the annuity to receive a lump sum of cash. These investments may be some form of lower risk vehicle such as market funds or safer stocks or can be higher risk investments that promise quick returns. Regardless of where you choose to invest the cash from your annuity sale, know that investments have at least some level of risk involved and that there is always the possibility that you will lose money over the short or long term.

Interesting in learning more about selling your annuity? The team here at Rapid Cash Funding is happy to chat with you and answer any questions that you may have about the annuity sales process and how much cash you can receive for your annuity or structured settlement.

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