Structured Settlements

Funding Settled Lawsuits and Annuities

If you are receiving scheduled payments for an annuity or settled lawsuit, such as a personal injury claim, but need more cash now, we may be able to help.

  • A structured settlement is a claim that has been settled and funded through the purchase of an annuity contract that pays periodic payments on a pre-determined schedule.
  • When certain life events occur, the owner of the annuity can access cash through a sale of some or all of their scheduled payments. This cash payment can be used to pay for an education, to buy a home, start a business or for unexpected expenses.
  • In 39 states, the law allows the assignment of structured settlements with a judge’s approval, enabling Rapid Cash Funding to purchase an interest in the structured settlement and pay the owner.
  • Generally, annuity owners can receive their payments within 30-120 days of signing a contract, including the court approval process. If necessary, Rapid Cash Funding can arrange for financing in advance of the final sale.


Want more information? See our Structured Settlement FAQs.