Questions about Selling your Structured Settlement? Here Are Some Answers

Questions about Selling your Structured Settlement? Here Are Some AnswersHave questions about selling your structured settlement and about the process involved? It’s alright – you’re not alone. Selling an annuity or structured settlement isn’t a simple process, and virtually everyone who goes through the process has at least a few questions. Let’s answer a handful of the most commonly asked questions regarding the sale of a structured settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Structured Settlements

How Much Will I Get? – This is likely the most common question that those who are looking to sell their structured settlement or annuity have, and it’s challenging to answer without knowing the details behind the settlement. Factors such as how much time is remaining in the settlement, the payment terms, the availability of buyers and more will impact how much one can receive for their structured settlement.

How Long Does Selling Take? – The length of time required to sell a structured settlement – from your first call to Rapid Cash Funding to having a check in your hand – will vary. It’s possible to have everything completed in a few days, but it’s best to leave at least a week or two before expecting to be able to cash your check. Again, this depends on a number of factors so it’s best to speak with one of our team if you have questions.

Who Buys Structured Settlements? – There are a number of individuals and companies that see structured settlements as an excellent investment and worth paying out a considerable lump sum for. These investors are interested in less risky or volatile investments, and structured settlements can make up a decent part of this type of portfolio.

How Much Will I Pay in Tax when I Sell? – The amount of tax you have to pay to the IRS when you sell your structured settlement will depend on how much it was worth and what you do with the money. For example, let’s say that Family A sells their structured settlement and uses the money to buy a house, whereas Family B uses the money to invest in stocks. Family A will be taxed on the lump sum they receive for selling the settlement and that’s it (they may even receive some form of rebate for purchasing a home), but Family B will be taxed on the lump sum plus they will be taxed on any income they make from their investments. It simply depends on what you plan to do with the money you receive from your structured settlement.

Should I Sell or Keep my Settlement? – This is a question that is asked occasionally, and the truth is that it can only be answered by you! No one else knows what your current financial situation is like or whether it’s in your best interests to cash your structured settlement out now as opposed to waiting for it to pay out.

The team here at Rapid Cash Funding is more than happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding the sale of your structured settlement or annuity. Get in touch with us at 1-877-63-RAPID or via the email form at the top right of this page and we’ll be happy to help!

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