Leveraging Structured Settlements as an Investment Tool

Leveraging Structured Settlements as an Investment ToolA structured settlement can be an incredibly valuable asset, depending on how much the settlement was for and the length of time that it is set to pay out. However, one of the huge downsides to owning a structured settlement is that unless it is sold, it cannot be used to fund major investments that one would like to make today. In this article we will discuss how to leverage your structured settlement as an investment tool, freeing up this cash to be put to better use.

Determine your Settlement’s Value

The first step is to find out exactly what your structured settlement is worth. The team here at Rapid Cash Funding can help with this by getting you a free quote on your structured settlement and by letting you know exactly how much cash you can get for it, and by when. Simply give us a call at 1-877-63-RAPID or you can fill out the quick form at the top right of this page to have one of our professional staff members get back to you ASAP.

Discuss your Options with a Financial Advisor

Once you know what kind of cash you can get for your structured settlement, sit down with your financial advisor to discuss your options. Where would a chunk of cash this large be best utilized? Whether it’s decking out your stock portfolio with some new purchases or shoring things up with T-bills and bonds, professional advice is a key that can help keep you from making poor decisions with your structured settlement cash.

Avoid High-Risk Investments – Regardless of Return

When cashing in a structured settlement to free up the funds, it’s probably a good piece of advice to only consider low to medium-risk investments. A structured settlement is an incredibly low-risk, high-reward asset that is guaranteed to pay out at a certain rate over time. Getting rid of an asset like this from your portfolio and replacing it with high-risk investments removes the certainty that you will keep any returns, and opens up the opportunity for losing the cash if the investments should tank. Cashing in your structured settlement and purchasing a mixture of bonds and other low-risk investments is an excellent idea that can generate long-term financial stability.

Put Some Aside for a Rainy Day

When you sell your structured settlement, it’s best to avoid spending or investing all of the cash that you receive for the sale. Instead, consider placing some of the money aside for a “rainy day” fund, or to help you out when finances are low and there are bills to be paid. It’s impossible to predict the future, but you can at least be prepared for things to go poorly with a large chunk of cash that is tucked away for emergencies.

The team here at Rapid Cash Funding is constantly hard at work helping thousands of Americans with putting their structured settlement to immediate use, whether it’s through a cash sale or through pre-settlement funding. To get a free quote on your structured settlement and to see how much cash you can get for it today, head up to the top of this page and fill in our quick form. We’ll take care of the rest!

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