How to Get a Fair Deal for your Structured Settlement

How to Get a Fair Deal for your Structured SettlementIf you’re thinking about selling your structured settlement or annuity you’re obviously interested in how you can get a fair shake during the sales process and get the most cash possible out of the sale. As with any sale of something valuable there will be negotiations and possibly compromise involved; this is part of the sales process and something you’ll want to prepare for. Let’s take a look at a few quick tips below on how to get a fair deal for your structured settlement when you are looking to sell it for a lump sum of cash.

Talk to your Accountant or Financial Advisor

If you have an accountant or a financial planner that helps you to manage your family’s finances it’s worth consulting with them before selling your structured settlement. Ask for some advice on what they believe the structured settlement might be worth so you can start to think about how much you want to sell the settlement or annuity for – otherwise known as your “target sell price”. Also, be sure to ask your accountant about the tax implications for selling your structured settlement as you will need to set aside some of the proceeds to cover the tax bill.

Check if Anyone in your Family Wants to Buy

Selling anything to friends or family is always going to be easier as they generally won’t try to grind you too hard for a price reduction or to loosen some other terms in the sale agreement. It’s worth a mention to family or friends that have the kind of cash you’re looking to receive for your structured settlement as one may be interested in investing in this type of long-term payout.

Be Open to Offers and Participate in Negotiation

It’s important to keep in mind that the first offer you receive might not be the best one as the other side is looking to negotiate. You have to be open to receiving offers for your structured settlement and to have counter-offers in mind that are closer to your target sell price. Also, you might want to give some thought about how far from your target price you are willing to go as this can allow you to get a quicker sale and can get that check in your hands much faster.

Speak with the Team at Rapid Cash Funding

Last but not least we would like to recommend that you give us here at Rapid Cash Funding a call if you are thinking about selling your structured settlement or annuity. Our team works hard to ensure that every one of our clients receives the best possible deal when selling their structured settlement through us, and there’s no obligation or high-pressure sales or anything like that. Call us at your convenience at 1-877-63-RAPID or you can send a quick email using the form at the top right hand side of this page and we will have one of our friendly staff members get back to you.

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